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Bergamo Brescia 2023: a Capital that integrates two cities to multiply value and experiences. Let’s explore it together on an unprecedented journey amidst artistic and cultural treasures, unique flavours and international excellence.
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With its many meanings, “the city beyond your expectations” also suggests “transcending”, discussing the past, reinterpreting the present and adopting future perspectives.

Proprio attraverso questo nuovo sguardo, Bergamo e Brescia, due città storicamente caratterizzate da campanilismi e confronti, si sono unite dando vita a una Capitale Italiana della Cultura, occasione per mettere in comune i tesori locali e valorizzare un unico, splendido, territorio.

Il viaggio nella Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2023 è un percorso nuovo, che non nasce dalla semplice somma algebrica delle due città, ma che si esprime in una proposta inedita, che unisce cinque patrimoni mondiali UNESCO, due delle principali pinacoteche italiane, gallerie contemporanee che ospitano artisti internazionali, le tradizioni di alcuni dei prodotti più importati al mondo, meravigliosi teatri all’italiana dal prestigio oltre confine, centinaia di chiese e di piazze, testimoni ed espressioni della storia culturale del territorio, e molto altro ancora.

The city beyond your expectations is a capital that will amaze you for an entire year with unforgettable landscapes, exhibitions, shows and tastings: come and experience all of it with us.
Food & WineNothing characterises a territory like food. Products, recipes and flavours are expressions of a tradition that tells of a land’s past, that embraces its present and looks to its future.
In 2017, Bergamo and Brescia – together with Mantua and Cremona – won the European Region of Gastronomy prize, giving birth to EastLombardy. This network unites 270 producers and 250 restaurateurs from the four territories in the interest of promoting healthy, sustainable food that respects local biodiversity.

The aim of the project is to promote the evolution of food and wine in Eastern Lombardy, supporting the excellence of producers and restaurateurs so that they may become better known nationally and internationally.
Each product bears a story. Who knows how many of the capital’s typical products have a tale to tell, like the pancetta or farina bramata? Then there are the great cheeses such as Silter DOP, Bagòss di Bagolino, Strachitunt DOP. Not to forget the fine wines – Valcalepio Rosso, Bianco DOC, Garda DOC, Botticino DOC ... and many others.

You can discover them all by visiting the producers, people who, with dedication and passion, bring the fruits of their labour to our tables, through a short supply chain that allows direct contact with the consumer.
And why not enjoy local products in a truly special setting? The restaurants that base their philosophy on respect for tradition – sometimes interpreted creatively but always understood and loved – are certainly worth visiting. Savour quality selections, taste surprising combinations, discover what the chefs have to say through the dishes they propose.

On certain occasions, you can meet sommeliers who will guide you in the selection of wines, always with a warm welcome and quality hospitality.
EastLombardy is the point of reference for Food & Wine for the Bergamo-Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023.

Visit the site to get to know our producers and find the perfect restaurant for you.
Battito (Heartbeat) - A Sweet Encounter
Battito, the sweet symbol of the Italian Capital of Culture 2023 is the result of a collaboration amongst artisanal pastry chefs of Bergamo and Brescia united under the Capab and Cpa consortia.
Sparked by an intuition of master chef Iginio Massari, the Capital’s pastry chefs have created a recipe that accentuates the typical features of our territory, combining two traditional leavened products in one single dessert.
Battito is Brescian on the outside with a Bergamo core. Its ring shape echoes that of the Bossolà cake from Brescia, while inside it is sweetened with candied apricots and pineapples, ingredients that characterise the Tùrta del Donizèt (Donizetti Cake) from Bergamo.
Instead, the students of the Brescia Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts were responsible for its naming and graphics. It was also their idea to use the double-B initials which represent a butterfly, a symbol of change and rebirth, two of the Capital’s leading themes.Battito is also a sweet heart, because with every purchase one euro will be donated to the TiNcoraggio Association in support of the little warriors hospitalised in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Spedali Civili hospital in Brescia.
One taste and you’ll be amazed by how delicious it is. You may purchase Battito in all the Bergamo Brescia bakeries and pastry shops participating in the project.
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